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If this sounds like you...

  • I have skills and I am contemplating building an online course but I do need help to get me through the process!
  • I could help people with an awesome course but I need help myself to build it, put it online and market it.
  • When I do research about course building, I get overwhelmed by the amount of information I find on the internet. It's all over the place!
  • I need to be part of a community and have someone show me it's possible!
  • I want to build and sell online courses to become financially independent.
  • I would like to make use of the new technologies to offer my skills!
  • I built an online course, unfortunately I do not seem to be successful with marketing it.
  • I believe it is time to finally build that online course!

...we are able to help!

Hi, I am Liane

dare and share

and I help curious and independent people build online courses. Most of you have gifts and skills that you should share with the world.

Do you want to get started today to dare and share your knowledge? Whether you are already teaching or whether you are new at this, you are on the right platform to help you realize your dreams.Maybe you teach a class in your town or city and you have the firm conviction to let the world know of your unique skill or knowledge? You may have been nursing a great idea about how you can reach out to a bigger audience through the powerful tool of the internet?

The unavoidable reality of today's world is that we live in a time where information is key. The ability to have smooth and fast access to vital information is what gives you that significant edge. Truth be told! The virtual world nowadays is a wonderful addition to the physical world. This is the biggest game changer of the 21st century.

The most formidable way to get this done is through a virtual community. Don't be shocked that people now practically live their lives on the internet. What do I mean? They connect with friends, discuss politics, watch films, buy clothes, shoes and bags, they seek assistance and learn online. Businesses, religious and international organizations use the internet to connect to the world.

Millions of people daily seek new, creative and viable means of leveraging the powerful tool of the online platform.

Dare and Share

Are you a fitness expert, a seasoned writer, an artist, an instrumentalist, a photographer, an experienced chef, a designer? You are the master of your craft! You need a broader audience that can give you fulfillment, good financial reward and a pathway to boundless possibility. This can be achieved through the set up of your online course.

Teaching is fast changing and it is no longer confined to the four corners of the classrooms. It can be done anywhere and at any time. Learners don't need to go to the teachers, teachers don't need to go to the learners. Teaching and learning can now be scheduled at the learners and teachers' time and place.

When you ask people why they are opting for online courses to boost their businesses, for students to get a degree, or for experts in a field to build their brand, they are quick to tell you the following:


Online courses offer the opportunity to learn at your own pace while traditional learning doesn't accommodate that. If you don't understand a particular concept, you need more time to digest what you have learned. With online learning you won't be rushed into the next chapter before you have had the chance to comprehend what you just read.


With online learning, you are free to choose your own curriculum. You do not need to follow a rigid program set by someone else. You can focus on your interests and the material you need, to acquire certain skills.


With online studying, you are not bound to a classroom but you can learn at the comfort of your home or any other place at the time you wish.

As the course author, you will...
dare and share


The teachers who love and dare to share there skills or passion with a broader audience are naturally compelled to research more, dig deeper, and become more inquisitive. Your online students will challenge you with their questions. The interactions will refine your skills, widen your horizon, and help you gain significant resourcefulness.


By setting up an online course, you are helping people to not only solve problems, but to also realize their dreams. Little do you know that you have created a viable and feasible learning space. You reach people you would not meet face to face. Your courses will help people realize their dreams. You might make the world a better place. What do you think?


People who are masters of their craft may not financially benefit from it. Setting up an online course in the area you specialize in can help you create additional income. Some people make millions. The more you help people thrive, the more you become an authority in your field, the more you increase your audience and your financial opportunity.

In fact, the golden opportunities and the satisfying rewards you will derive from setting up an online course are limitless. All you need to do is to dare and share your skills or knowledge.


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"Liane is the reason I was able to successfully launch an online course last year, from a simple ephemeral, artistic vision. She mapped out the necessary elements and steps, for creating a course, in such a clear way that my inspiration became reality. She was encouraging when my self-belief faltered and helpful in maintaining my focus on the essentials of the process. I believe anyone contemplating entering the online learning marketplace would most definitely benefit from Liane’s experience, her attention to detail, and her unwavering commitment to each person’s vision."

- Deb Waldron, Author, Fairy Gardens, Tiny Gateways into our Imaginations

"Although I have developed my own courses before, Liane’s material helped me to create content that was much more tailored to my audience. She knows how to take tasks that can be very overwhelming and break them down into easy-to-comprehend chunks. If you are looking for a way to convert your expertise into an online course, Liane can help you do it!"

- Susan Whitehead, Author, Wanderlust Families, How to Embark on International Travel as a Family

- Claes Wallenberg, Author, Joint Mobility, Feel Younger in mere Minutes

Although I know my material, I have never prepared a webinar before. Thanks to Liane, I had an excellent outline of how to prepare everything, and I also enjoyed the process of working in a friendly supportive setting with the others who were creating their webinars at the same time.

- Linda Clark, Author, Change your Life, Moving from Stress to Success

"I have been building my course with Liane: I could not do it without her! She gave me valuable information and great support in each phase. Highly recommended!"

- Chiara Capello, Author, Meditation: A Practical Guide