How many times have we seen the large number of additive products that make us spend less on fuel ? When arriving at any gas station, it is common to receive the offer from dispatchers “ do you want any additives? ”And with fuel prices for the skies, this offer is always tempting.    

Following the entry into force of the energy reform there are new competitors in the sale of fuel throughout the country, some of them offer fuel with additive already included.   

But what do additives do ? Should we use them ? Are they really effective?

Engine cleaning

Gasoline and diesel are corrosive , and although the corrosion they generate in the fuel tank and in the car engine is not so great, it can still affect its operation . The small particles generated by the corrosive effect of fuels can clog the intake system of the engine fuel , and the use of additives promises clean all areas where fuel flows, avoiding taponaduras .          

Less polluting emissions.

Gasoline or diesel combined with any additive guarantee reduce emissions of CO2 , the CO and NOx , making its use is friendly to the environment .       

Reduce friction of engine components.

The engine of our cars is a system that is in constant motion , and this movement has to be friction free , otherwise, the various parts of it can be damaged . The oil fulfills the most important function in the prevention of friction, and the additives also ensure that it is even smaller .  For more details, check out    

Greater power

Some additives say that with its use the octane of the fuel is increased , which allows the engine to achieve greater power using the same amount of fuel.      

Despite all these promises, there are still people and organizations that oppose the use of additives in the fuel , arguing that not only do they not help improve engine performance , but on the contrary, they damage it . A recent study by the Attorney General's Office shows little encouraging data about their use . In the results of this study, there is no significant difference between the use of additive or normal fuel, which raises certain doubts about all the advantages ensured by these products.           

As always, the best decision is made by the user , but if they are pears or apples, remember that fuel savings can be obtained through good practices when driving and complying with the preventive maintenance of our vehicles.